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Thread: Sweat Fetish and Dominance

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    keep Sweat Fetish and Dominance

    Cheyenne Jewel
    "Twinkle Toes" vs "Manbitch Wrangler"

    Will Havoc has been wrestling pornstars pretty well lately. Whenever a guy gets too confident on the mats we just throw him Cheyenne Jewel. Cheyenne is one of the strongest, most skilled female grapplers in the scene. She is especially strong now! Will is much bigger than she is but if you saw what happened in the arm wrestling match, you know where these two stand on strength to strength. Will takes Cheyenne's back a few times but is it enough to get a W? Neither of these sex fighter wants to get fucked in the ass but today one of them is going to have to do it. Winner makes the loser worship muscles, suck cock and take it up the ass. Loser if lift and carried of the mats like a little bitch.

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    Nikki Sequoia
    "Freakenstien" vs "The Animal"

    Nikki Sequoia just wants to fight and fuck. I can throw ANYONE at her and she will not back down. Today "The Animal" takes on "Freakenstein" in a sex fight and she does not let him off easy. Will has size and muscle on this little thing but Nicki is like one of those small doggies who doesn't realize she is small and starts up with the big dogs. She comes at Will full on. She does extremely well in this sex fight while she grabs at his dick and sucks it. Will uses his weight to pin NIkki but he is unable to keep this animal down. This is a real sex fight for both these sexual gladiators. The winner wants to be appreciated. Muscle worship, asshole licking, all the ways one can make the loser feel inferior, the winner gives them all. Winner has an orgasm on the losers face.

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    Ella Nova
    "The Wizardess" vs "The Snake"

    Ella Nova and Sam Solo are step siblings stuck at home together. They are playing a friendly game but things quickly start to escalate. Sam challenges this beautiful blond and she gladly accepts. The two wrestle in the apartment with each getting the upper hand on the other for brief moments. Please enjoy a "BASED ON ACTUAL EVENTS" apartment style wrestling match to change things up a bit this week. Next week we will be back to our normal format with a match from our stockpile with Oliver Davis vs. Avery Black.

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    Avery Black
    "The Vision" vs "The Legend"

    Today we bring you a special Treat. Avery Black is a petite, all natural beauty with a ballet background. Ballet seems to assist this rookie a lot in her match today against the undefeated, Oliver Davis. This Brunette beauty is able to use her powerful hips and legs to sweep and reverse Oliver several times. It is worth watching this video purely to see how this natural points her pretty toes and elongates her legs by extending her toe point into the most beautiful ways. If you are foot guy, this will have some really beautiful aesthetics for you. Avery Black puts on an amazing performance for her Debut on our mats. She ties up both rounds 1 and 2 bringing this match to a very intense, erotic round 3. Who ever wins round 3 wins the match. There is a lot of back and forth in this match due to Avery's ability to get her sex points in any position. She puts Oliver in danger. Could this be the first loss of mr. Davis? Round 4 is just as passionate as the wrestling with these two opponents staring into each other's eyes trying to command the other to cum. The prize round ends with a cream pie. Both wrestlers are drained of orgasms but only one gets to leave with a W.

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    Nikki Sequoia
    "The Animal" vs "The General"

    Today we bring you another apartment wrestling match with fan favorite Nikki "The animal" Sequoia and New wrestler Vinnie "The General" O'Neill. Nikki has wrestled for us a few times and she has really grown to love our format. She loves it so much that she now settles ALL home disputes with a wrestler match. Today, we get a sneak peak at the home life of Nikki Sequoia and her Big Handsome Man roommate, Vinnie O'Neill. Vinnie likes to the keep AC on 69 degrees F. While Nikki (as most females do) likes to keep the Temperature at a nice comfortable 76 degrees F. This turns into a dispute and the roommates decide to settle this as they should, with a good old fashion bedroom match. As always, we seen Nikki's tenacity. She comes forward every time she can and gives everything she can. Vinnie literally picks her up like a rag doll and puts her onto the mats while he kisses her and fingers her. These two exert a lot of energy in the 76 degree room. One wrestler can not handle the heat and must give up. The winner gets to do whatever they want to the loser. Loser is Spanked, has to give oral and then if fucked like a loser should be.

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    Red August
    "B1oody" vs "Freakenstien"

    Cute little Red August thinks she's so tough because she's wrestled on our lesbian site. She's so impressed with herself she thinks she's ready to evolve and level up to mixed wrestling and who does she call out, out of all people? Will Tile. Will is tired of this cute blonds coming to the wrestling mats calling him out. He's ready to putt his little red bottomed girl in her place. Surprisingly, Red does very well today. She might just be able to seduce Will and get a victory. There is true domination in rounds 1 and 2 by Will Tile. He has skill, size and experience on his side but little Red has the art of seduction down and she plans on using it to jerk and suck off her opponent. The Winner makes the loser do muscle worship and take a spanking. Loser is fucked good. One thing is for sure, Red does look good on top while she is fucking Will Tiles Big Black cock.

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    Lydia Black
    "Black Widow" vs "Bonesaw"

    Nathan Bronson is Back and he's gone ALL American on us. Bonesaw comes to the match in USA cowboy hat and shorts to show us how patriotic he is this Holiday. He's going to show how the US of A smashes! or maybe he's going to get seduced and accidentally pop in round 3. Lydia Black is Nathan's willing and horny opponent today. She seems to not stand a chance in round 1 and 2. Nathan throws her around like a rag doll, pinning and penetrating her at will. It seems as if it's all over for poor Black. But this game is fun and full of twists. In round 3, If an orgasm occur, it's an instant victory for the person who inflicts the O. Lydia plays this game well, so when Nathan pins her, she fucks him back passionately and builds him up. Will he cum? Will she cum? This match DOES end with an Orgasm on the mat that part we will tell you. But you will need to see this match in order to appreciate it. The winner has their way with the loser, Nathan is on his back while Lydia climbs on top and drains his balls. Nathan does a semi creampie, He nuts inside Lydia and then pulls out so we can see how huge and voluminous his loads are.

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    Cheyenne Jewel
    "Manbitch Wrangler" vs "The Warden"

    Cheyenne Jewel has been on a terror both here on the mixed wrestling site and as well as on our lesbian site where she is currently doing very well in our lesbian sexfighting championship. Jack Friday is undefeated and wants to keep it that way. Cheyenne Jewel has only 1 loss that occurred nearly 3 years ago. The fans have been waiting a long time to see Cheyenne lose. Cheyenne has been waiting a long time to dominate PROdom Jack Friday. This match has some great back and forth action. Cheyenne's chokes quickly become a problem for Mr. Friday. Jack Friday's power and size are a clear problem for lil Cheyenne. This match goes the distant, The winner face fucks the loser and then takes the loser to the locker room for a workout torment routine.

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    Daisy Ducati
    "Lethal Legs" vs "The Warrior"

    Daisy MUTHER FUCKING Ducati is back and ready for another one. She has had her fair shares of wins and loses, she never backs down from a sex fight. Jason Michaels has also had his fair shares of wins and loses. He's looking to get on a winning streak. This match is incredibly close. Lots of back and forth action from start to finish. There is a beautiful display of grappling skill from both wrestlers. Each wrestler is able to tap the other and then they get their 20 seconds to do whatever they want. This match is a perfect mixture of athletes and sexual play. While this match IS close, one of these sex fighters does take the W. The winner fucks the loser good and hard. At the end, Daisy's feet are the star of this video.

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    Alice Frost
    "Steel Stringbean" vs "Malice"

    Some people are not ready to come back to the studio to work but we are more than happy to watch them wrestle at home. Today we get to see how real life couple, Chad Diamond and Alice Frost settle their at home disputes. At home, there is no ref, not judges no time limit. You go until you can't go anymore. Today one of these wrestlers out lasts the other and gets to fuck the loser and make them do the dishes.

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    Ariel X
    Ariel X vs "Freakenstien"

    This video is SFW, no nudity, no sex, with the COVID-19 closed production down for months but we are finding ways to bring you mixed wrestling content from our custom order vault. Today, Will Tile and Ariel X go toe to toe in semi competitive mixed wrestling. Will starts out pretty good but all his big strong muscles are eating up all his oxygen and his muscles lose their power which allows the little white girl to get on top and dominate the big strong black man.

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    Miss Demeanor
    Miss Demeanor vs Sergeant Miles

    Please give a warm welcome to two new faces on our roster, SGT Miles and Miss Demeanor are both making their debut. SGT Miles is a bonafide bad ass, ex military and current BDSM lifestyler (oh did I mention these two are real life partners). Both of these wrestler love to do heavy play. Miss Loves to be spanked, the SGT loves to see her squirm and he just happens to be game to be a bottom IF, she can win. This match is one of the most intense matches we have ever posted. These two are rough with each other in ways only two people who really know and trust each other can be. This is an amazing display of BDSM play dynamics and power exchange. The Winner gets all the spoils. Winner face fucks the loser fucks them then drags them into the locker room for spankings and more.

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    Kaiia Eve
    "Bonesaw" vs "Booby Hunter"

    Kaiia Eve and Nathan Bronson have a long history together. They treat each other like step siblings, with banter and manner. Today these brats get to torment each other on the mats and it really does play out like a step sibling rivalry. The match does go 3 full rounds, each wrestler really trying to annoy their partner more and more as the rounds go by. The match ends with one wrestler dominating with points. The winner face fucks the loser. Kaiia gets on top of Nathan can rides his cock good. Nathan leaves a sexy creampie in this little lady and calls it a day.

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    Mistress Kara
    "The Valkyrie" vs "The Warden"

    We are putting up our first ever Rematch and we have brought back the two most dominant wrestlers. Mistress Kara just defeated every single female she went up against in the lesbian wrestling tournament. Jack Friday is undefeated. He has gone up against all of the most elite females we have to offer on the site and he has always come out victoriously. Mistress Kara has only 1 loss on her record and it is against Jack Friday and today she wants redemption. Jack Friday has only one part of his perfect record that is tarnished and that is one round lost in his first match against Kara. So Today Jack is also looking for redemption but getting a perfect score against Kara today. Both of these Athletes have set high standards for themselves today and their skill and heart are all put on display today in this wonderful sex fight. This match is tied at the end of round 3 which means we go into a sudden victory "first to cum loses" tied breaker. Only one can win and today the winner really has to work for it. The winner rubs in the loss with face fucking, standing fucking and verbal teasing.

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    Mocha Menage
    "Choka" vs "Steel Stringbean"

    We have found ourselves a new star! Please give a warm warm welcome to miss Mocha "Choka" Menage. This is her first time wrestling on a stage but she has a ton of experience wrestling in the bedroom for fun. She is taking on Chad Diamond, who has a lot of mat experience and it shows today. Chad definitely has the upper hand in wrestling today but Mocha has a way of seducing her opponent that puts Chad into danger time and time again. Mocha possesses a power of the pussy that you just won't find anywhere else. The end of this match is going to shock you. While one wrestler does get a technical win over their opponent, we end up getting a surprise in round 4 when the winner actually concedes that the LOSER is the better sex fighter and way more sexually powerful! The script is flipped and you really need to see this to believe this.

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    Red August
    "B1oody" vs "The Legend"

    Red August has been training during quarantine and she is ready to take on the world starting with the Legend. Oliver Davis is Undefeated. He has only been tapped out once in his evolved career and that was by Daisy Ducati. Red promises to give Oliver his first defeat today. She is able to counter a lot of hims moves and get on top of him. Oliver is really challenged today by this cute all natural blonde lady. Winner takes their time rubbing in the loss to the loser. Winner flexes and fucks the loser and then makes the loser do muscle worship.

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    Sinn Sage
    "Sage" vs "ManO'War"

    2020 has been a hell of a year. Couples are at home way more than they want to be and to keep themselves entertained couples are doing the new trend of settling disputes with a fun sexy home wrestling match. Today Sinn Sage and Drake Man O'War are going toe to toe. They don't have a large space but they don't need one. These two are horny and p1ssed with makes for some outstanding sexual tension and action. Sinn tries her hardest to move this big studly man but at times he is too much for her. Drake needs to be careful not to allow Sinn to get her beautiful ass on him. Once she gets on top, he gets mesmerized by her beautiful big ass. We all get mesmerized by watching Sinn's ass bounce. In the end, one wrestler has had enough and concedes the loss and gets fucked by the winner.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:35:27 ` 849 Mb

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    Helena Locke
    "Bonesaw" vs "The Bounty Hunter"

    Nathan Bronson is undefeated. Everyone is tired of seeing him win and especially Helena Locke is tired of seeing this youngster guy picking on porn stars. Helena has wrestling experience that most of Nathan's former opponents lacked. Today Helena wants to put Nathan in his place: between her legs and under her ass. Nathan has to step things up a bit for this match. We see him rolling around to avoid Helena's legs. No orgasms in the wrestling rounds but the wrestling in itself is some of the finest to be found in a sex fight. These athletes go hard in the wrestling and harder in the prize round. Helena gets on top of Nathan and pounds his dick in round 4. Loser is lift and carried into the locker room for more loser humiliation.

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    Bella Rossi
    "Gorilla Screw" vs "Mad Dog"

    They say "there is a first time for everything" and today we get a first time experience. Bella Rossi takes on Marcelo for a sex fight. This is their first time doing a competitive sex fight together and Marcelo definitely surprises Bella. Round 1 is given to Marcelo. He comes out strong and dominant. This is a new leaf on Marcelo that we are seeing. He is calm, cool and confident and he is ready to fuck Bella Rossi. Bella seems to tie things us in round 2. Round 3 is where the unimaginable happens. One of these wrestlers does not want this going into the judges hands. The wrestler pins their opponent and makes them cum underneath them. A round 3 OOTM ( orgasm on the mats) for an instant victory. The winner of course needs to take their prize and what better way to do so than to fuck the loser in the asshole fuck their face and then lift and carry them off the mat.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:34:48 ` 927 Mb

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    Song Lee
    "The Lioness" vs "Steel Stringbean"

    Chad Diamond has been getting called out by a lot of our females. Today Song Lee "The Lioness" has called out Chad and she's ready to make him cum. Song is an all natural beauty who trains Cross fit and has a limited background in martial arts. She loves having her breasts fondled and this does distract her a bit in her matches but her sensual moans easily distract her opponent. Chad Diamond has had his fair share of losses and he's tired of losing so he's gone back to training to make sure he's always on the winning end. The match goes all three rounds without an orgasm but it's a great display of sex fighting and wrestling. The winner face fucks the loser and uses the loser for their pleasure.

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    Cheyenne Jewel
    "Manbitch Wrangler" vs "The Tornado"

    Please give a nice welcome back to Mr. Shawn F0x. It's been a few years since we've had Shawn on the mats. He's been traveling the world filming smut with some beautiful people but he stopped by our studio for a bit to try to shake of some of the ring rust. Unfortunately for him, his first match back is against Cheyenne Jewel. Cheyenne has been training steadily and is on a rampage to destroy any man who steps in front of her. Today these two go all out in hopes of being the sex athlete who gets to fuck on top. This match is rough and tough. These two literally throw each other around, slamming, grinding and trying to make each other submit. One wrestler dominates all three rounds and when the prize round comes, the winner wants to make sure the loser doesn't do any funny business by trying to run away so the loser is tied up and fucked. The loser must take everything the winner wants to dish out.

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    Vanessa Vega
    "Taking Care of Business" vs "The Warrior"

    Jason the Warrior Michaels has called out the Stunning Vanessa Vega for a sex fight. Vanessa is use to slapping fools on the street; her skills are a little different than what we usually see on our mats however, her heart and tenacity take her very far in the match against "the Warrior". This fight goes the distance. The winner choke fucks the loser. Vanessa Squirts all over Jason and then Jason's dick is emptied into Vanessa hot wet, battle ready pussy.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:39:58 ` 953 Mb

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    Miss Demeanor
    "The Spartan" vs "Misdemeanor"

    Miss Demeanor is back. She's taking on Fluffy and she's confident she will dominate purely based on her size. Fluffy isn't the biggest guy we have on the roster but he does have wrestling experience from his school days. He does some beautiful take downs on this amazon but will it be enough to win. This is competitive, flirty and dirty. One wrestler dominates the wrestling segment and gets to take their prize. The Winner gets to fuck the loser in the ass and gets to flex over the pathetic loser. Winner makes the loser taste their ass off their cock then picks the loser up and carries them off the mats.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:42:22 ` 980 Mb

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    Sofie Marie
    "Iron Woman" vs Spike Irons

    Today, Spike and Sofie are having another disagreement on some work stuff. Spike thinks Sofie needs a vacation but Sofie is a strong independent woman who marches to the beat of her own drum. She tells spike that if he can beat her in a sex fight, she will take a little time off. The camera rolls for all of this of course and we get a glimpse of how real life arguments are settled at the yummy girl office. Winner gets to face fuck the loser and fuck on top!

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    Kay Carter
    "Bonesaw" vs "The Pharmacist"

    Nathan Bronson is undefeated. Everyone is tired of seeing him win and especially Kay Carter is tired of seeing this guy picking on small girls. Kay trains MMA and knows she's going to be the one to tarnish Nathan's record. Today Kay wants to put Nathan in his place: between her legs and under her ass. Nathan has to step things up a bit for this match. We see him rolling around to avoid Kay's submissions. No orgasms in the wrestling rounds but the wrestling in itself is some of the finest to be found in a sex fight. These athletes go hard in the wrestling and harder in the prize round. Kay gets on top of Nathan and pounds his dick in round 4. Loser is fucked until they cum and then they are fucked some more.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:39:13 ` 940 Mb

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    Spencer Bradley
    "The Bruiser" vs "The Tornado"

    Spencer Bradley is a stunning fitness model with some wrestling experience from her school days. Shawn F0x has only 1 loss on his record so it's safe to say he knows what he's doing on the mats. It's been a while since he's been on the mats but he didn't lose a beat. Shawn is able to out wrestle his opponent but his this lady puts on the seduction. She knows she can't not beat this guy in strength or skill so she pours on the heat with her smoldering eyes and soft mouth. We all wanna see that cum from behind victory. This match goes 3 rounds. The winner takes a soft approach to their victory. Seduction is the name of the game for round 4. Both wrestlers cum hard in round 4 as they seem to make sweet love out of respect for each other's sex fight game.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:54:49 ` 1280 Mb

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    Red August
    "Pretty Boy" vs "B1oody"

    We have discovered a great new talent. Please give a warm welcome to "Pretty Boy" David Lee. He's been training Martial arts for over a decade but most of his experience is with stand up. He has limited experience with grappling. Unfortunately for him, Red August has been training a lot and she has really stepped up her game. Red takes round 1 easily with her brilliant use of her legs. She is able to roll right into deep head scissors on poor David who discovers while we are filming that he really enjoys having a ladies thighs wrapped around his neck. This match is intense, sexual back and forth. The winner wins by only 1 pt but gets to take their prize nonetheless. Round 4 involved muscle worship, asshole licking, face fucking and squirting cum on the face of the loser.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:37:25 ` 875 Mb

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    Amilia Onyx
    "The Onyx" vs "Mad Dog"

    Please give a warm welcome to our newest addition to the Roster, Amilia Onyx. Marcelo is tired of losing to these women. He had a close match against Bella Rossi but his demise was getting pinned and jacked off to orgasm in round 3. Oh well, you can't win them all or even one apparently. Marcelo thinks that today will finally be his chance. He's taking on a Rookie and he feels he's been training hard enough to actually win. Little does Marcelo know that Amilia has a ton of wrestling experience. She plans on defeating this loser one more time. The first round is tied 10-10 and the next two rounds are pretty even as well. This fight goes 3 rounds, one wrestler has a definitive win. The Winner fucks the loser in the ass hole and get their feet and muscles worshipped.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:49:32 ` 1160 Mb

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    Avery Jane
    "Notorious" vs "G.I."

    You stuffed your faces yesterday and now you can watch Cody stuff Avery's asshole. This girl loves anal so much that even if she wins, she vows to drain Cody's cock with her ass. It's not often we get a gem like Avery Jane. She is a natural at this. She was born for porn wrestling. This is her first ever wrestling match but she does some high level grappling all the mean while racking up the sex points in the judges eyes. Even Cody Carter who has extensive training in wrestling and MMA, is impressed and surprised by Avery's skill. Avery demands to have her ass pounded: win, lose or draw. This girl knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. This match is wild sex fighting with an incredible prize round that has face fucking, ass fucking, ass to mouth (ATM) and an anal creampie ending.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:36:48 ` 866 Mb

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    Alexa Nova
    "The Warrior" vs "Super"

    Alexa Nova has taken on big guys and beaten them no problem so today, taking on a smaller guy like Jason Michaels, she knows she's gonna win. The only problem is: in grappling, size doesn't matter. If someone has more skill than you, they will best you. The big guys that Alexa has taken on were rookies with no experience. That's not Jason. Jason trains all day every day. He's getting better and better every time. Alexa's legs do give Jason a hard time as they do with everyone. She has an annoying way of being able to wrap her legs around you somehow and stop you from moving. Jason needs to be careful of her leg scissors. The match goes all three rounds and to the judges decision. The winner decides the loser should be put in handcuffs so that way they can't get away. Loser is fucked good and hard. Alexa's ass is so pretty it can't go without getting fucked today. Her asshole if fucked good and hard and then Jason takes his throbbing cock out and is allowed to cum on her pretty feet and toes.

    MP4 ` 1280x720 ` 00:39:19 ` 1410 Mb

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