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Thread: Videos Featuring Armpits for Armipts Fetish Lovers

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    hl Videos Featuring Armpits for Armipts Fetish Lovers

    Gabi Paltrova & Dixie Comet - Armpits Loving Yoga Lesbians

    When Gabi and Dixie decide to do yoga together Dixie can't help herself but to sneak a sniff of Gabi's tempting armpits and eventually surprises her by sneaking a lick. Luckily, Gabi has also always been secretly turned on by armpits and their smell and is a willing participant in some armpit games. They lick and sniff each others armpits until they become so turned on they start rubbing each others pussies through their yoga pants and then peel them off to sniff and lick each others hairy bushes. After Dixie has licked Gabi to a frenzied orgasm, Gabi returns the favor and finishes her off by rubbing her armpit against her pussy until she cums.

    mp4 - 509 Mb - 13mn 50s - 1920x1080

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    Samantha Rone Li�king Kasey Warner Armpits

    mp4 - 25 Mb - 1mn 50s - 1280x720

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    Harley, Kisa And Nikki

    mp4 - 48 Mb - 1mn 39s - 1920x1080

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    Cum And Spit On Armpits

    mp4 - 866 Mb - 21mn 55s - 1280x720
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    Please Dont Tell Mom

    mp4 - 178 Mb - 7mn 58s - 1920x1080
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    Odette Dela�roix, Smothering

    I don't know what I did, but Odette Delacroix is really pissed! She jumps on me out of nowhere, and smothers me in her stinky armpits! The stench is horrible because she just got back from the gym, but I guess she found out about what I've been doing with her man, and now she's punishing me with the stink of her dirty pits. It's not my fault I give a better blow job than her. I mean she has a right to be mad, but I can barely breathe with her smothering me with her nasty stench, and she's covering my face with her wet sweaty pits too!

    mp4 - 257 Mb - 5mn 53s - 1280x720

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    Veru�a & Gabi - Yoga Pit Sniffers Ft Gabi Paltrova

    mp4 - 430 Mb - 9mn 46s - 1920x1080

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    �eara Lyn�h

    mp4 - 71 Mb - 10mn 58s - 1280x720

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    Stephie Staar - Kyras Armpits

    mp4 - 529 Mb - 9mn 49s - 1920x1080

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    mov - 1.1 Gb - 15mn 5s - 1280x720

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    Vesta�ia Jon-Quil And Jane Vervain

    mp4 - 63 Mb - 1mn 54s - 1920x1080

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    Mistress Raevyn Rose - I Know How Mu�h You Love Sweat

    Sexy Raevyn Rose is back and she has been thinking about you because it's a hot day and she has been sweating and as she says "I know how much you love sweat." She raises her arm in the air and exposes her sweaty and sticky armpit and you're going to want to jump in with your tongue out and start licking for all you're worth. "Can you see the moisture?" she asks you. She has you sniff first, first one pit and then the other. "Savor it, this smell should be in your nose all day." Now she directs you to bring your lips up and kiss her pit. Then to lick all the way up and down."I want everyone to smell my sweat on your breath" she tells you. She has you move back to the first pit and again directs you to lick the entire surface. She tells you her tits are sweaty too but you don't get those, just her armpits and really you don't even deserve that. Your mouth is so close to her lips now and you can feel her hot sweet breath on you but don't even think of going there, you are only good enough for the stinky parts. "If you do a good job I might let you lick the smell from my feet too" she tells you as the camera scans down to show you her gorgeous toes and sole. She directs you to stick your tongue between each toe and then to suck on them. "Stick your nose between the toes now and smell" she tells you and then says before attending fully to her feet she wants you back to give her armpits one final lick. She says the pervert next door is always staring at her so do a good job or she'll make him her slave instead. "One thing you both have in common though, neither of you will ever get this" she says as she slides her hands into her pants to touch herself.

    mp4 - 45 Mb - 5mn 29s - 720x406

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    Prin�ess Alexis - Are You A Slut For My Armpits

    mp4 - 681 Mb - 4mn 26s - 1920x1080

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    Prin�ess Melena - Li�k My Sweaty Armpits

    wmv - 188 Mb - 5mn 6s - 1280x720

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    You Never Imagined You Would Love Armpits Like This

    mp4 - 200 Mb - 6mn 34s - 1280x720

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    Chernika Masturbates As She Strips Nude In Bed

    Chernika is curling her hair in bed and loves curling her long luscious hair. She strips naked and starts to rub her clit and hairy pussy. She masturbates and enjoys intense orgasms in her bed.

    mp4 - 599 Mb - 13mn 40s - 1920x1080

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    Nikki Next Armpit JOI

    mp4 - 48 Mb - 7mn 21s - 720x404

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    Miss Untamed - Armpit Prisoner

    mp4 - 470 Mb - 14mn 48s - 1280x720

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    mp4 - 41 Mb - 49s 855ms - 1920x1080

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    Whitney Morgan And Sydney S�reams

    mp4 - 271 Mb - 6mn 12s - 1280x720

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    Hairy Armpit

    wmv - 234 Mb - 5mn 42s - 1440x1080

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    Li�k My Sweaty Armpits

    mp4 - 189 Mb - 5mn 6s - 1280x720

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    Gia Love

    mp4 - 192 Mb - 4mn 23s - 1280x720

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    Missreinat - Asian Armpit Fetish JOI

    You like sexy women's clean hairless armpits? You are such a naughty boy with a naughty fetish, let me tease you with my smooth pits and then strip for you. Afterwards I'm going to tell you how I want you to cum with my JOI, I will join in with you tell we both cum so hard

    mp4 - 457 Mb - 8mn 55s - 1280x720

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    Belly And Armpit Li�king With Layla Moore And Little Mina

    mp4 - 220 Mb - 5mn 0s - 1280x720

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    Aren Havary & Gabizinha

    mp4 - 953 Mb - 21mn 43s - 1280x720

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    Mistress Jasmine & Mistress Kandy Kink - Dirty Tasks For Father & Son

    mp4 - 521 Mb - 8mn 23s - 1920x1080

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    Sweaty Armpits

    wmv - 417 Mb - 5mn 21s - 1920x1080

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    Armpit Worship For Betas

    mp4 - 145 Mb - 5mn 54s - 1920x1080

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    Miss Dee - Armpit Heaven

    I'm in a beautiful red dress, it clings to my body highlighting my perfect arse and long legs.
    Check out my curves, and breasts... but... I know what you like beta boy.
    You're here for my white, milky, soft armpits. I want you to beg me to see my armpits...
    Of course, I will let you see my armpits. Revel in their perfection, and give them soft kisses.

    mp4 - 799 Mb - 10mn 16s - 1920x1080

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